Minny Grown

Our approach to the cannabis industry is simple - local first, always. The Minny Grown story starts in the small farming community of Cannon Falls, Minnesota where our family has been cultivating the land for over 100 years. We now grow our hemp seeds in the Cannon river valley where we are blessed with rich, organic soil. After hand harvesting our hemp flowers we then process it into premium THC and CBD oil at our state and federally licensed facility just steps away from our sun grown hemp field. With a true mix of science, passion, and craft, our Minny Grown team strives to creates the world's finest cannabis products. 


Meet the Founder

Minny Grown is a family run company that is on a mission to restore the promise of the cannabis plant and to create positive change, for good. Our passion for helping others is rooted in our founder Zach Rohr’s personal experiences. His relentless passion to improve the Minnesota community & provide local access to high quality cannabis has led Minny Grown to become Minnesota's number one hemp company. 

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Hemp with Heart

Hemp with Heart represents the love we put into crafting our line THC and CBD products. By focusing our efforts on creating positive change throughout local communities, we are building the foundation for a more natural, healthy, and sustainable future.  


MN Soil | MN Oil

At our organic farm and processing facility in Cannon Falls, Minnesota we craft and care for our hemp from the planting of the seed to the sale of the product. Learn more about how you can shop our products in store. 


Locally Grown

As stewards of the land leading the next generation of farming and business, we aim to improve the environment through regenerative and sustainable agricultural.

Minnesota’s natural conditions allows us to practice organic farming and completely avoid the use of pesticides and costly irrigation. These factors have made Minnesota a central location for the renaissance of hemp farming in America.