Minny Grown

We Stand for Good.

Our mission is to restore hope in the hemp plant and create positive change, for good.

By focusing our efforts on improving the environment and the hearts of those in our local community, we are leading the way for a more natural, healthy and sustainable future, one hemp plant at a time.

The Minny Grown Story

Our passion for helping others is rooted in our founder Zach Rohr’s personal experiences.

His story has sent him on a mission to improve the lives of others, one hemp plant at a time.

Hemp with Heart

We pour our hearts into everything we create, hoping the care we put into our product translates to care put into the world.

It’s Hemp with Heart.

Seed → Store

We craft and care for our hemp from the planting of the seed to the sale of the product. This ensures the highest quality and consistency of hemp products on the market today.

Environmental Sustainability

As stewards of the land, we strive to improve the environment through our local practices. 

Minnesota’s natural conditions allow us to practice organic agriculture and farm our hemp without the use of pesticides or costly irrigation.